The Peter Staple Heritage Group (PSHG)

The Peter Staple Heritage Group (PSHG) is reaching out to generate interest and encourage membership and participation in the Group.
PETER STAPLE HERITAGE GROUP: The PSHG is a genetic family study supported by genealogy lineages for descendants and ancestors of Peter Staple (c1642-1719), Piscataqua Pioneer, who arrived from England at Kittery, Yorke County, Massachusetts Bay Colony by 1671 (now York County, Maine, USA) according to his first land grant.
PETER STAPLE and his wife Elizabeth Beadle had three sons:
Peter Staple, Jr. (1670-1721), John Staple (1676-1745), James Staple (1678-1725)
GOAL: The present goal of the PSHG is to use Y-DNA as a tool to locate cousins of the three sons of Peter Staple: Peter, Jr., John and James, including distant cousins in England, that will help identify the location of his English ancestral home.
APPROACH: The PSHG is leading a unique heritage anthrogenealogy study to identify the ancestral roots of the PETER STAPLE family tree and its branches represented by his three sons using genetic data supported by genealogical primary and secondary information. The PSHG Y-DNA haplogroup lineage is currently defined by:
Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP: R1b-M269 > U106 > Z156 > DF96 > FGC13326 > S22047 > FGC13602 > FGC13595 > FGC13604 > FGC13609/FGC13605.

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