Skipton Grammar School RUFC

Members who joined the Forces

Ashton R. wireless oper R.N.

Binns A.

Butler Sec Lt C.F. R.F.A.

Caw Pte H.F.  1 High Cyc Batt

Chapman A.S. Inns Court O.T.C.

Dickey Sec Lt J.P.Y. 10 L.I.

Driver L Cpl R.O. Training Rs

Feenney Sgt R. Leicester Regt

Foulds J.

Garside Sec Lt B. West Riding

Hanson L Cpl T.H. West Yks

Jowett Sec Lt P.  8 West Yks

Lawson Cpl W.  6 West Riding

Moore Pte R.  6 West Riding

Pickles Sig R.H.

Rodwell Sec Lt W.A. 20 D.L.T.

Rogers W.A.

Rushforth Cdt C.H.F. R.A.F.

Slane T.S. stretcher bearer R.N.S.B.R.

Smallpage T/A M.N.R. R.A.F.

Stansfield Pte V. Training Res

Sugden Pte H. Training Res

Thomson Cdt J.  R.A.F.

Tindall Rln H. K.R.R.

Tindall Rln G.F. K.R.R.

Townsend Sec Lt I.C. R.A.F.

Walker Seaman R.  R.N.

Whalley Pte W. Leicester Regt

Wilson Lt I.  R.A.F.

Woodward Pte H. Liverpool Bt

The Fallen

Butler C.F.

Caw H.F.

Rodwell W.A.

Sugden H.

Tindall H.


Jowett P.  M.C.

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