Silsden War Memorial

In Grateful Memory of the Men of Silsden Who Laid Down Their Lives For Liberty, Honour and Justice and in Defence of
King and Country In the Great War 1914-1919

Isac Edward Atkinson
Willie Atkinson
Herbert H Bailey
John Baldwin
John William Baldwin
Joe Bancroft
Sam Bancroft
Frank Barrett
Harry Barrett
Ronald William Benson
Colin Beresford
Charlie Blaythorne
Frank B Booth
Albert J Bradley
Alfred E Broadhead
Cecil E Brook
Ernest Brook
Philip Brown
John Fell Burn
William Burton
Frank Carter
Joseph Chapman
John Clark
Amos Clarkson
Ormond Clarkson
Wilfred Clarkson
Pliny Drake Clarkson
Joseph Coates
Frank Dawson
Charles R Earle
William Jackson
Nicholas Sawley

Dan Faulkner
Edward Faulkner
Job Faulkner
Thomas Henry Fort
Edgar Fortune
Charles Henry Gill
John Gill
Jonas Gill
Tom Harry Gill
William Gill
Norman K. Gregory
Ernest Hardcastle
Fred Hardy
Herbert Harper
Charles H. Hemingway
Rowland Hill
Benjamin Hodgson
Charles E. Holdsworth
Nelson Holmes
William Holmes
Ernest Hustwick
Joshua Inman
Arthur Key
John M. Lambert
Percy Lambert
James Lee
Bernard Locker
Garnett Longbottom
Edward Lund
David Mason
George H. Metcalfe
Alfred Morley
C. William Newns
Norman Philip
Sydney Plumb
Charlie Pollard
Charlie Fort
David Elder

  • Edgar Raw
  • William Rawling
  • Robert Read
  • William Richmond
  • John Hartley Riley
  • Joshua Roberts
  • William J. Saddington
  • Joseph Smith
  • Harold Snowden
  • Rhodes Spence
  • Ernest Spencer
  • William Spencer
  • Nicholas R. Stephens
  • Tom Dixon Stocks
  • John W. Sugden
  • Elijah Sutcliffe
  • W. Hartley Sutcliffe
  • Harry Sykes
  • Fred Taylor
  • William H. Teale
  • George Harry Tillotson
  • Harry Tillotson – son of Joshua Tillotson
  • Harry Tillotson – son of J.T. Tillotson
  • John Robert Town
  • J. Harold Townson
  • Henry James A. Tunstill
  • Thomas Upton
  • Albert Wade
  • Harry Wade
  • Isaac Wade
  • James Wade
  • John Watson
  • Samuel Whittingham
  • T. Stanley Wrigglesworth
  • Wilfred Naylor
  • John Walton Wrench

Joseph Askew
Joseph Barker
Arnold Breare
Frank Clark
Joseph W. Clarkson
Thomas D. Clough
Walter Cockshott
Arthur Cooper
Robert K. Edmondson
Wilfred H. Emmott
Harry Farrar
David Ferguson
Desmond Fretwell
Thomas H. Hargreaves
Leslie Haskey
Eric Holmes
Thomas Inman
Kenneth H. Ion
Fred Jackson
William A. Martin
Eric Mudd
Douglas Pritchard
Geoffrey Raymond
James Riding
Edgar Roden
John Rothwell
Irwin Shackleton
Herbert W.J. Shepherd
James Spencer
Leonard Stott
Fred Sugden
Jack Tattersall
Sydney R. Tattersall
Bill Taylor

The main picture and first thumbnail image was kindly supplied by Jarlath Bancroft (Member # 288).  His Bancroft From Yorkshire Blogs details the lives and involvement of several Bancrofts who served in the great war, some of which are remembered on this memorial.

Other pictures courtesy of

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