Silsden Town Hall

(Now positioned in St James Church)

Roll Of Honour WW1 Those Who Died

ATKINSON Isaac E Private Army Service Corps

ATKINSON William GunnerHMS Hockwold

BAILEY Herbert H Private Royal Army Medical Corps

BALDWIN John Sergeant 9thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

BALDWIN John William Private Duke of Wellingtons WRR

BANCROFT Joseph DCM MM Sergeant 4thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

BANCROFT Samuel Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

BARRETT Frank Private West Yorkshire Regiment

BARRETT Harry Private 3RDDuke of Wellingtons WRR

BENSON Ronald W Private Scots Guards

BERESFORD Colin Private Notts & Derbyshire Regiment

BLAYTHORNE Charles Private 21stWest Yorkshire Pioneers Battalion

BOOTH Frank B Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

BRADLEY Albert J Aircraftman HMS President Royal Navy Air Squadron

BROADHEAD Alfred E Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

BROOK Cecil F Private 5thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

BROOK Ernest Gunner Royal Field Artillery

BROWN Philip Gunner 49THDivision Royal Field Artillery

BURN John Fell Private Royal Marines Battery

BURTON William Private Durham Light Infantry

CARTER Frank Private 2/7 Duke of Wellingtons Regiment

CHAPMAN Joseph Private Dublin Fusiliers

CLARK John Seaman HMS Stonecrop

CLARKSON Amos MC Captain Duke of Wellingtons

CLARKSON Ormond Sapper Royal Engineers

CLARKSON Wilfred Signaller HMS Vanguard

CLARKSON Pliny Drake Private 259thInfantry Battalion 

COATES Joseph Private East Surrey Regiment

DAWSON Frank Private 4thCompany Durham Light Infantry

EARL Charles R Private 6thReserve Duke of Wellingtons WRR

FAULKNER Daniel Private 7thBattalion Royal Irish Rifles

FAULKNER Job Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

FAULKNER Edward Private York & Lancaster Regiment

FORT Thomas Henry Private 18THWest Yorkshire Regiment

FORT Charles Private 18THWest Yorkshire Regiment Transport Section 

FORTUNE Edgar Private 8thWest Riding Regiment

GILL Charles Henry Private York & Lancaster Regiment

GILL John Private 18thWest Yorkshire Regiment

GILL Jonas Private 19thWest Yorkshire Regiment

GILL Thomas Harry Signaller 2/4 Duke of Wellingtons Signaller Section

GILL William Private 8thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

GREGORY Norman K Private 16THWest Yorkshire Regiment

HARDCASTLE Ernest Sergeant 3RDWest Riding Regiment

HARDY Fred Private Lancashire Fusiliers

HARPER Herbert Private 12thInfantry Brigade

HOLDSWORTH Charles E Private 3RDWest Yorkshire Regiment

HOLMES Nelson Private Duke of Wellingtons

HOLMES William Private 10THBattalion Duke of Wellingtons WRR

HEMMINGWAY Charles H Private 2NDNorthumberland Fusiliers

HILL Rowland Sergeant 1ST/6THWest Riding Regiment

HODGSON Benjamin Private West Riding Regiment

HUSTWICK Ernest Private West Riding Regiment

INMAN Joshua Private 52NDNotts & Derbyshire Regiment

JACKSON William Driver 2/4 Royal Field Artillery

KEY Arthur Private 2/6 West Riding Regiment

LAMBERT John M Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

LAMBERT Percy Private 270 Infantry Battalion

LEE James Private London Electrical Engineers

LOCKER Bernard Private 7THBattalion (S) East Yorkshire Regiment

LONGBOTTOM Garnett Rifleman Kings Royal Rifle Corps

LUND Edward Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

MASON David Private Australian Regiment

METCALFE George H Private Sherwood Foresters

MORLEY Alfred Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

NAYLOR Wilfred Private Highland Light Infantry

NEWNS C William Private 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons WRR

PHILLIP Norman Private 15THLancashire Regiment

PLUMB Sydney Private Highland Light Infantry

POLLARD Charles Private 10THBattalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

RAW Edgar Private Machine Gun Corps

RAWLING William Private 1st/6thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

READ Robert Private 9THBattalion Duke of Wellingtons WRR

RICHMOND William Private 9thBattalion Duke of Wellingtons WRR

RILEY John Hartley Private 2ndBattalion Lancashire Fusiliers

ROBERTS Joshua Seaman HMS Resolution

SADDINGTON William J Private 2nd/6thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

SAWLEY Nicholas Sapper Royal Engineers

SMITH Joseph Bombardier 48THBrigade Royal Field Artillery

SNOWDEN Harold Private 5thRoyal Lancaster Regiment

SPENCE Rhodes Private 1st/6thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

SPENCER Ernest Private 11thRoyal Essex Regiment

SPENCER William Private 246THWR Brigade D Battery RFA

STEPHENS Nicholas R Private East Riding Imperial Yeomanry

STOCKS Tom Dixon Captain 2ndWest Riding Regiment

SUGDEN John W Private 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons WRR 

SUTCLIFFE Elijah Sapper Royal Engineers

SUTCLIFFE W Hartley Gunner 49thDivision Trench Mortar Brigade RFA 

SYKES Harry Private 6thBorder Regiment

TAYLOR Fred Corporal 1st/6thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

TEALE William H Private 3rdDuke of Wellingtons WRR

TILLOTSON George Private Lincolnshire Regiment

TILLOTSON Harry son of Joshua Tillotson Air Mechanic RNAS

TILLOTSON Harry son of JT Tillotson L/Corporal 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons WRR

TOWN John Robert Private Northumberland Fusiliers

TOWNSON J Harold Gunner Royal Engineers

TUNSTILL Henry James Private Army Service Corps MT

UPTON Thomas Sergeant Warwickshire Regiment

WADE Albert Private 3rdWest Riding Signallers

WADE Harry Private 21stWest Yorkshire Regiment

WADE Isaac Private 2ndBattalion West Riding Regiment

WADE James Private Army Service Corps MT

WATSON John Private Labour Battalion

WHITTINGHAM S Gunner 19thReserve Battalion RFA 

WRIGGLESWORTH T Stanley Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

WRENCH Walton Walter E Private Grenadier Guards

Those Who Served

AIREY John E Private 2ndKings Own Light Infantry

AIREY Thomas Burton Private 4thRes. Duke of Wellingtons

APREY James Sapper Royal Engineers

APREY Robert H Private Duke of Wellingtons

APREY Stephen Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

APREY Thomas Signaller 3rdDuke of Wellingtons

ALDERSON William Seaforth Lieutenant MO Base Depot Salonica

AMBLER Clarence Private 5thScottish Rifles

AMBLER Norman E Private North Staffordshire Regiment

ARCHER John William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

ARROWSMITH Fred Private 2ndEast Yorkshire Regiment

ATKINSON Alec Private West Yorkshire Regiment

ATKINSON Edmund Private Royal Army Medical Corps

ATKINSON John Private Army Service Corps

ATKINSON James Gunner Royal Field Artillery

ATKINSON H Robert MMSergeant Air E Cadet Co. 5thRes Batt. A&LH

ATKINSON W Samuel Private Army Service Corps MT

ATKINSON Thomas Private 2/4 East Lancashire Regiment

ATKINSON Thomas Private 3rdYorks. & Lancs.

ATKINSON Tom Private 1stBatt. Welsh Guards

ATKINSON William Seaman HMS Benbow

BALDWIN Clarkson Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

BALDWIN Harry Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

BALDWIN Herbert Gunner Royal Field Artillery

BALDWIN Percy Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

BALDWIN Albert Private West Yorkshire Regiment

BALDWIN Fred Gunner Royal Field Artillery

BANCROFT John Saddler 1/1 County of London Yeomanry

BANROFT Willie Private 51stBatt. West Yorkshire Regiment

BANCROFT Fred MMPrivate 24thLabour Company

BARKER Percy Sapper Royal Engineers

BARKER William Edward 2ndBatt. MGC

BARKER Harry Private Duke of Cornwalls

BARRETT John G PrivateDCM7 Batt. Machine Gun Corps

BASTOW Frank Private Royal Army Medical Corps

BEECROFT John Henry Private Royal Army Medical Corps

BENTHAM Thomas A Gunner Royal Field Artillery

BENTLEY Harry Private Employment Coy. 737 Area

BERRY Herbert H Private West Yorkshire Regiment

BERRY Herbert Private 23rdDivision Headquarters

BOND James Private 3/6 West Yorkshire Regiment

BOLTON Thomas Fortune Private 3rdDuke of Wellingtons

BOGG Alfred Private Duke of Wellingtons

BOGG Fred Private Duke of Wellingtons

BOGG Harold Private Duke of Wellingtons

BOOTH George Wilfred Private Leicester Regiment

BOOTH Frederick Wm Private 21stWest Riding Regiment

BOOTH Thomas Lieutenant 147 Trench Mortar Batt.

BOOTH Thomas 1stClass Wireless Operator 88 Hannington Court & Celtic

BOOTH Wilson William Private Machine Gun Corps

BOTTOMLEY Ernest Private Army Service Corps MT

BOTTOMLEY Francis Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

BOTTOMLEY Clifford Private Royal Air Force

BOTTOMLEY James R Private Labour Coy. 160 9 Section

BOTTOMLEY Harry Private 51stWest Yorkshire Regiment

BOWKER Henry Private Royal Flying Corps

BLAKEY Percy Private 1/6 Liverpool Rifles

BLAYTHORNE Irvin Private 207 Coy. Machine Gun Corps

BRADLEY Thomas T Seaman HMS Cockchafer

BRADLEY Thomas Able Seaman HMS Zinnia

BRADLEY Thomas Private Guara Coy. APM Headquarters 

BRADLEY Harry 2ndLieutenant Royal Field Artillery 

BRADLEY William Private Army Service Corps

BRAY Horace Private 98thBrigade HQ Staff

BRAY Herbert Private Duke of Wellingtons

BREARE John Private Duke of Wellingtons

BREARE Arthur Sapper 31stDivision Signal Coy. Royal Engineers

BREARE Currer Private 1stYorkshire Dragoons

BREARE Edwin Corporal Royal Engineers

BREARE Timothy Private 9thDurham Light Infantry

BRIGGS Leonard Private MTT Transport

BROADBENT William E Private Duke of Wellingtons

BROADLEY Fred Sergeant Army Service Corps MT

BROWN Charles Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

BROWN Charles Private 12thKings Liverpool Regiment

BROWN William Private Coldstream Guards

BROWN Evan Gunner Royal Field Artillery

BROWN Richard Private Army Service Corps MT

BROWN Arthur Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

BROGDEN Arthur Private 88thPermanent Reserve Batt.

BUTTERFIELD William D Seaman HMS Adlo Sheerness

BURROWS Richard Private 52ndWest Yorkshire Regiment

CARTMAN Richard Private 10thDuke of Wellingtons WRR

CARTER Thomas Private 6thBatt. Duke of Wellingtons

 CARTER William MMLance Corporal 9thBatt. Duke of Wellingtons

CARR Christopher Private West Yorkshire Regiment 

CARASS John Private 14thRoyal Welsh Fusiliers

CARASS Joseph Private Army Service Corps

CASLOW Thomas Private A Coy. 18thBatt. Yorkshire Regiment

CAPSTICK Richard Private 8thKings Royal Rifles

CHAD Rolstone Herbert Private Royal Army Medical Corps

CHAD Rolstone Harry Private Duke of Wellingtons

CHAD Rolstone Maurice Able Seaman HMS King George V

CHAD Rolstone Thomas Private 1stBatt. Royal Sussex Regiment

CHAD Rolstone O Albert Private Northumberland Fusiliers

CLARKSON Charlie Private 2ndBatt. Yorks & Lancs Regiment

CLARKSON Edmund Private ¼ Leicesters Field Coy. RE

CLARKSON Ernest Gunner Royal Field Artillery

CLARKSON Frank Gunner Royal Field Artillery

CLARKSON Drake Harold Private Royal Army Medical Corps 

CLARKSON North Private ¼ West Yorkshire Regiment

CLARKSON Joseph Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

CLARKSON Ernest Private 2/4 Lincolnshire Regiment

CLARKSON Robert Private 18thWest Yorkshire Regiment

CLARKSON Walter Corporal 3rdDuke of Wellingtons

CLARKSON Fred Private 5thWest Yorkshire Regiment

CLARKSON Walter Private 83rdTR Batt.

CLARKSON Richard Private West Riding Regiment

CLARKSON Trueman Waddy Private 2/2 Duke of Wellingtons 

CLARKSON Leonard Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

CLARKSON George L Private Durham Light Infantry

CLARK Hugh Private 7thBorder Regiment

COOK John William Private 17thSherwood Foresters

COOK Thomas Seaman Gunner HM Transport Viper

COOPER Fred Private 4thRes. Northumberland Fusiliers

COOPER John Private East Yorkshire Labour Corps

COOPER Arthur Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

COOPER James Private No. 2 Army Laundry

COOPER Walter Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

COWLING Maurice Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

COWLING William Private Duke of Wellingtons

COCKSHALT Amos Private West Yorkshire Regiment

COCKSHALT Summerscales Private Royal Scots Fusiliers

CRACKE Henry Private Army Service Corps

CRABTREE Norman Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

CRAVEN Mack Private West Riding Regiment

CROSSLEY Jack Corporal 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons

CURTIS Renton Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

DAVIES Harry Gunner Royal Field Artillery


DAWSON Albert Private 3rdBatt. W Lincolnshires

DAWSON Leonard Gunner Royal Field Artillery

DAWES Herbert Private 33 Field Ambulance

DEAN Harry Private West Yorkshire Regiment

DENTON George Aircraftsman 1stClass Royal Naval Airservice

DENTITH Arthur MMPrivate 21st Herts Yeomanry

DEWHURST Tom Private Army Service Corps

DEWHURST John L Gunner 40thBattery Royal Field Artillery

DEWHURST Walter Private 21stWest Yorkshire Pioneers

DICKINSON William Croft Lieutenant 15thScottish Division

DIXON Fred Private Coldstream Guards 

DIXON Hanson Private Durham Light Infantry

DIXON Willie Private Northampton Regiment

DINSDALE Robert Private 150 Siege Battery

DINSDALE William OS RN Barracks Portsmouth

DODGSON Stephen Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

DODGSON William Private Northumberland Fusiliers

DRIVER Arthur DSC MCMajor 9thDuke of Wellingtons WR Regt.

DRIVER Frank L Sapper Royal Engineers

DRIVER Morris Gunner 18thRes. Battery Royal Field Artillery

DRIVER William Private 341 Royal Construction Services

DRIVER Hugh Private Royal Scots Fusiliers

DUNN Harry Private 5thRes. West Yorkshire Regiment

DUNN Joseph Corporal 2/6 West Riding Regiment

DUGDALE William Private Army Veterinary Corps 

EATON William Sapper Royal Engineers

EDMONDSON Alfred Private Northumberland Fusiliers

ELLISON James Herbert Private Duke of Wellingtons

EMMOTT Charles Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

EMMOTT Thomas E Private 51stDurham Light Infantry

EMMOTT Fred Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

EMMOTT Frederick Private Royal Air Force

ENGLAND William Seaman HMS Terrible

ELDER David Private Royal Army Medical Corps

FAULKINER Thomas Private East Yorkshire Regiment

FAULKINER William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

FEATHER Ernest F Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

FIELDHOUSE Emmanuel Private Northumberland Fusiliers

FISHER Charles Michael Gunner Royal Field Artillery

FISHER Maurice Private Prince of Wales

FISHWICK Frank Gunner Royal Field Artillery

FISHWICK Fred Gunner Royal Field Artillery

FISHWICK Wilfred Private 7thSherwood Foresters

FISHWICK William Private West Yorkshire Regiment

FLETCHER Charles T Gunner Royal Field Artillery

FLETCHER Sydney RH Lieutenant 2/8 West Yorkshire Regiment

FORT Norman Private RNVR

FORT Ralph Private West Yorkshire Regiment

FORT Charles Private Australian Exp. Force

FORT Thomas Henry Private 270thInfantry Batt.

FORT Harry Private West Yorkshire Regiment

FORT Samuel Private Royal Army Medical Corps

FORT Maurice Private Royal Army Service Corps

FORTUNE Tom Private Durham Light Infantry

FORTUNE Horace Private 2ndBatt. MGC

FORTUNE Willie 2ndMechanic B Royal Air Force

FORTUNE Hubert Private Royal Army Medical Corps

FORTUNE Fred Private Kings Royal Rifles

FORTUNE Harry Private 3rdDuke of Wellingtons

FORTUNE Thomas Private 3/6 Duke of Wellingtons

FOSTER Sam Seaman HMS Aetoean 

FOX James Private 1/6 West Riding Regiment

FRY James S Sapper Royal Engineers

FRY Herbert H Private RE Carrier Pidgeon Service 

FRY Smith Private Army Service Corps

GALLAGHER Arthur Private 3/6 South Staffordshire Regiment

GALLAGHER David Private Labour Corps

GALLAGHER Clarence Gunner Trench Mortar Batt. Royal Field Artillery

GALLAGHER Daniel Private 1stBatt. Duke of Wellingtons 

GALVIN Joseph Sergeant Major 1st Garrison Batt. Cheshire Regiment 

GALVIN Edward Private West Yorkshire Regiment

GALVIN Lawrence DCMSergeant 9thDuke of Wellingtons

GATENBY William C Wireless Operator HMT Delhi

GEE Rev CH Chaplain Unattached

GILL Alfred Private Northumberland Fusiliers

GILL Alfred Private Army Veterinary Corps

GILL Harry Ordinary Seaman HMS Canada

GILL Joseph Chester Sapper 339thRoad Construction Coy.

GILL Victor A Private West Riding Regiment

GILL Michael Private 208 Labour Res. Coy. Lincolnshires

GILL John William Private 2ndLancashire Fusiliers

GLEW William John Sergeant A Batt. Brigade Royal Field Artillery 

GATT Frederick Gunner Royal Field Artillery

GREEN Alfred B Wireless & Telegraph HMS President

GREEN Archie Private Royal Army Corps

GREEN Charles Private West Yorkshire Regiment

GREEN Harry Private South Staffordshire Regiment

GREEN Herbert Lieutenant Westmoreland & Cumberland Yeomanry

GREEN James Corporal Royal Air Force

GREEN Leonard Private Duke of Wellingtons

GREEN Rennie Private Duke of Wellingtons

GREEN Roy Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

GREEN James W Private South Staffordshire Regiment

GREEN Timothy Private Royal Army Medical Corps

HANSON Abram Private Duke of Wellingtons

HANSON Albert S Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

HANSON Jonas Private MT Army Service Corps

HANSON Lister W Gunner Siege Battery RGA

HANSON Smith Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

HALL Lyndon H Private 10thDuke of Wellingtons

HARDCASTLE Cyril Private 2ndWest Riding Regiment

HARDCASTLE Wm C Private Royal Army Medical Corps

HARDCASTLE Thomas Private 2/6thDuke of Wellingtons

HARTIS Thomas Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

HARGREAVES Alfred Private Machine Gun Corps

HARRISON Ben Seaman HMS Pomana 

HAWKINS Harold B Seaman HMS Crusader

HAYWOOD James Stoker HMS Vindictive

HEATON Tom Private 44thLabour Batt. Lincolnshires

HEY Walter Lance Corporal Royal Flying Corps & 5thNotts Regiment 

HILL Leslie R Private Duke of Wellingtons

HILL Oswald Private 7thTraining Reserve Batt. East Yorks

HINDLE James Private West Riding Regiment

HINDLE Walter Private Duke of Wellingtons


HOLGATE Herbert Private Army Service Corps

HOLDSWORTH Harry Private Seaforth Highlanders

HOLDSWORTH Tom A Private 7thReserve Batt.

HOLDSWORTH William A Private 1/5 West Yorkshire Regiment

HOLMES John Gunner Royal Field Artillery

HOLMES Edgar Private Duke of Wellingtons

HOLMES Stewart Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

HOLMES Tom Private 8thBatt. South LIncolnshires

HOLMES John R Able Seaman HMS Albemarle 

HORNE Arthur CT Private Army Service Corps

HORSMAN Percy Signaller Royal Field Artillery

HORNE Cyrus Private West Yorkshire Regiment

HOGG Arthur Private London Yeomanry

HUDSON Edgar L Engine Room Artificer HMS Ambrose

HUDSON William Gunner Royal Field Artillery

HUDSON Thomas J Private 2ndCoy. West Riding Regiment

HUDSON Verney Gunner Royal Field Artillery

HUDSON Fred Private Household Batt. 

HUDSON Herbert Private Leicester Regiment

HUSTWICK William Seaman HMS Eclipse

HYDE Arthur Private South Staffordshire Regiment

IDESON Alfred Artificer 69thBrigade RFA

INMAN Jonas Private 851 Employment Area

INMAN Ernest Private Border 6thRegiment 

INMAN Frank W Private 4thRes. Yorkshire Regiment

INMAN John Thos. Private 8th West Riding Regiment 

INMAN Tom Private Machine Gun Corps

INMAN William Private West Riding Regiment

JACKSON Wilfred L Gunner Royal Field Artillery

JACKSON John Private 5thBorder Regiment

JACKSON Tom Private 4thWest Yorks

JACKSON Albert Bandsman 53 West Yorkshire Regiment 

JACKSON Victor S Private Duke of Wellingtons

JARMAN Edward Private Royal Guernsey Light Infantry

JARMAN William MMPrivate Royal Army Medical Corps

JENNISON Henry Private 7thDuke of Wellingtons

JENNISON Ernest Private Royal Flying Corps

JONES Herbert E Private 1stDurham Light Infantry

JONES Isaac Private Army Service Corps

JONES Harry Private West Riding Regiment

JONES Horace Gunner 3rdSection Royal Artillery

JOBLING Irwin Private South Staffordshire Regiment

JOBLING Ernest Private 3rdWest Yorkshire Regiment

JOHNSON Herbert Lieutenant 6thWest Riding Regiment

JOLLY James W Private 2ndDuke of Wellingtons

JOWETT John Sergeant Royal Air Force

KELLETT Willie Gunner Royal Field Artillery

KELLETT Percy Private No. 15 Artistes Rifles

KEIGHLEY Percy Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 

KEMPLAY Robert L Private Royal Flying Corps

KETTLEWELL John F MM Sergeant Royal Field Artillery

KINGSBURY Richard M Seaman HMS Skate

KITCHEN Ernest Private Royal Army Medical Corps

KIRKHAM Albert Engine Room Artificer. HMS Prince Rupert

KNOX John 2ndLieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 

LAMBERT Donald Gunner Royal Field Artillery

LAMBERT Ernest Corporal West Yorkshire Regiment

LAMBERT Herbert C Private Tank Corps

LAMBERT Percy Private West Riding Regiment

LAMBERT William H Leading Stoker HMS Bellerophon

LAMBERT Tom Gunner Royal Field Artillery

LAMBERT Fred Private Army Service Corps 

LAMBERT Henry S Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

LAMBERT William C Ship’s Carpenter Petty Officer RN HMS Essex

LANE Samuel Sergeant Duke of Wellingtons

LAYCOCK Phin Sapper Inland Water Depot RE

LEE Harry Private Duke of Wellingtons

LEE Ernest Private Duke of Wellingtons

LEE William Private West Yorkshire Regiment

LIGGINS Edward T Corporal West Riding Regiment

LISTER Herbert G Private West Yorkshire Regiment

LONG Andrew WL Private Duke of Wellingtons

LONG James C Private Coldstream Guards

LONG Tom Private 53rdWest Yorkshire Regiment

LODGE Ottewell Private Army Service Corps

LONGBOTTOM Albert Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

LONGBOTTOM Bernard Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

LONGBOTTOM Harold MCLieutenant 246 West Riding RFA Brigade

LONGBOTTOM Maurice Able Seaman HMS Pansy

LONGBOTTOM Harry Private 1stSuffolk Regiment

LUND Thomas Sapper Royal Engineers 528 Field Corps

LUND John W Private 10thYorkshires

LUND William Gunner Royal Field Artillery

MACLAREN David B Lance Corporal Scottish Rifles 

MASON Allan Private Machine Gun Corps

MASON Harry Gunner Royal Field Artillery

MASON Hugh Private 34 Labour Corps

MASON Ralph Private 1975 Coy Machine Gun Corps

MASON John Private Lincoln Labour Company

MASON Tom H Artificer RMB Portsmouth

MAUDE Cooper Private Royal Army Medical Corps

MATHER Thomas Private 52ndWest Yorkshire Regiment

MATHER William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

MAXWELL John Private Army Service Corps

MEDLEY Tom Gunner Royal Field Artillery

MIDDLETON Harold Private Westmoreland & Cumberland Yeomanry

MIDDLETON Robert Private South Wales Borders

MIDDLETON John W Corporal Westmoreland & Cumberland Yeomanry

MIDGLEY John Ordinary Seaman HMS Leconidas

MILNE Harry Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

McCREA John Gunner Royal Field Artillery                   

MITCHELL John T Private 1/7 West Riding Regiment

MITCHELL Walter Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

MITCHELL William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

MORLEY Fred Private 2nd16thLabour Corps

MORRELL Hubert Private 12thSanitary Section 

MOORHOUSE Ernest Sapper Royal Engineers Signallers

MURGATROYD Newman Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

NAREY Jack Stoker HMS Lion

NAYLOR John Sergeant Major Royal Engineers

NEWNS Harold Private 5thNorth Staffords

NEWTON Harold Gunner Royal Field Artillery

NEWTON Edward Private 6thWest Yorkshire Regiment

NETTLETON John Private 6thWest Riding Regiment

NIGHTINGALE Joseph T Lieutenant Duke of Wellingtons

NUTTALL Henry Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

OLDFIELD Edgar Private 1/6 Duke of Wellingtons

OUTHETT John Private 36thLabour Corps ABG8

OUTHETT Mathew Private 1/7 Essex Regiment          

PAKES Frederick Private Duke of Wellingtons

PAKES Percy Private 85th8RB 

PARKINSON Robert Private 8thTraining Reserve

PARTRIDGE Clifford Private 6thBorders

PARTRIDGE Harold Private 10thDurham Light Infantry

PARTRIDGE Wilfred Private 8thTraining Reserve

PEACH John Private 5thRoyal Fusiliers

PEACH Joseph Private RN Division

PLUMB Ashton Private 1 South Lancs Regiment

PLUMB Ben Private 18thLabour Coy.

PLUMB Ezra Private 10thWest Riding Regiment

POLLARD Alfred Private 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons

POLLARD William Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

PRITCHARD Hubert Private 3rdRoyal Sussex

PRITCHARD Percy Private Royal Air Force

PRITCHARD William Private 2ndLondon Sanitary Corps

RALPH Ernest Private A Coy. 3 Platoon 1/8 London Regiment

RATHBONE Charles J Private Highland Light Infantry

RAWSON Alfred E Private Labour Battalion

READ Alfred H Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

READ George Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

READ Herbert Private 1/6 Duke of Wellingtons

REYNOLDSON George Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

RILEY Cyril R Private 495 (HS) Employment Corps

RISHWORTH Archie Sapper Royal Engineers

RISHWORTH Albert Private Duke of Wellingtons

RISHWORTH Ernest Private Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment

RISHWORTH Percy Private Kings Royal Rifles

RISHWORTH William Private Permanent Staff

ROBINSON Arthur Private 242 Infantry Batt.  

ROBINSON Herbert Private Army Service Corps

ROBINSON Richard Private 11thNorthumberland Fusiliers  

ROBERTS Harry Private 12thKings Liverpool Regiment

ROBERTS Rowland H Private West Yorkshire Regiment

ROE William Gunner Royal Field Artillery

ROTHWELL George O Private 6thYorkshire & Lancashire Regiment

ROWBOTTOM Robert W Private 23rdLabour Company xxxxxxxxx

ROYLE John Lance Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers

RUSSELL John T Seaman HMS Gorgon

RUSHTON George Private West Yorkshire Regiment

RYDER Charles Private 6thRes. Duke of Wellingtons 

SADDINGTON Thomas Private 1/6 West Riding Regt.

SADDINGTON Thomas E Gunner Royal Field Artillery

SAUNDERS John S Chief Petty Officer HMT Guillemot 

SCAIFE George Sapper Royal Engineers

SCAIFE Robert Gunner Royal Field Artillery

SCOTT Arthur Private Duke of Wellingtons

SCOTT Robert Private 53rd YS Battalion

SCOTT John Sergeant 4thDuke of Wellingtons

SELBY Sylvester Private 2ndBatt. A Company

SHACKLETON Frank Gunner 12thHowitzer Batt. RFA

SHACKLETON James R Signaller Royal Engineers

SHACKLETON James Private 23rdBatt. Australian Infantry

SHACKLETON Thomas Private Royal Army Medical Corps

SHACKLETON Wm H Gunner Machine Gun Corps

SHACKLETON Ernest Private 52ndBatt. A Company 

SHARP Frederick Private 1stCanadian Reserve

SHARP Herbert Private 7th Border Regiment

SHARP Reginald Private Army Service Corps

SHAW George Private 13thBatt. Royal Fusiliers 

SHELDON John C senior Private 3/6 West Riding Regiment

SHELDON John C  junior Private 377 HS Labour Coy.

SHIMMIN Ernest Private HML 327


SHUTTLEWORTH Ernest Private No.1 Watch Rigger

SHUTTLEWORTH John Private No. 7 Transportation Store RE 

SHUTTLEWORTH Thos. H Gunner Royal Field Artillery


SHUTTLEWORTH Throup Private MT Army Service Corps

SIMPSON Clifford Private 6th Duke of Wellingtons 

SIMPSON Ernest Private 216 Duke of Wellingtons

SIMPSON John Gunner Royal Field Artillery

SIMPSON Spencer Private 1stCheshire Regiment

SMITH Albert Gunner Royal Field Artillery

SMITH Allen 2ndLieutenant 8thYork. & Lancaster

SMITH Arthur Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

SMITH Clifford Private Remount Depot ASC

SMITH Cyril Private 13 Yorkshire Regiment

SMITH Dick Lance Corporal 13thBatt. Northumberland Fusiliers

SMITH Duncan D Private South Staffs

SMITH Fred Private 134 Labour Corps 

SMITH Fred Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers

SMITH George Private 4A Reserves B.E.D

SMITH Harry CF MC 2ndLieutenant Tyneside Scottish

SMITH Harry Private Durham Light Infantry

SMITH Joseph Corporal 2/5 West Yorkshire Regiment

SMITH Norman Gunner 101 Brigade M.E.F Royal Field Artillery

SMITH Sam F Sergeant Royal Engineers

SMITH Thos. H Private Royal Army Medical Corps

SMITH William Private 256 Siege Batt. 8 Group

SMITHIES Arthur Sergeant ¼ East Lancashire

SNOWDEN Joseph Private 418 Agricultural Company

SOUTHWELL Wilson Private Royal Engineers

SPEAK Norman Engine Room Artificer HMS Malaya

SPEAK Tom Private West Yorkshire Regiment

SPENCE Bertie Private Royal Air Force

SPENCE Walter Gunner 14thNH Battery Royal Garrison Artillery

SPENCER Alfred Able Seaman HMS Viola

SPENCER Fred Private Suffolk Regiment

SPENCER Herbert Corporal Royal Garrison Artillery

SPENCER Hugh Private 4thDuke of Wellingtons

SPENCER Hugh Private 2/1 East Riding Yeomanry

SPENCER Leonard Air Mechanic Royal Air Force

SPENCER Maurice G Private 254 Siege Battery

SPENCER Raymond Private Machine Gun Corps 

SPENCER Walter Private 5thLincolnshire Regiment Labour Corps

STANCLIFFE Alfred Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

STANCLIFFE William Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

STAPLETON Abraham Military Foot Police

STEELE Frank Lance Corporal Military Foot Police

STEELE George Private Northumberland Fusiliers

STEELE Robert Lance Corporal 2/4 Duke of Wellingtons

STEPHENSON John Ordinary Seaman 7 Mess Royal Naval Depot

STEPHENSON Richard H Private Duke of Wellingtons

STOCKS James Lieutenant 2/6 West Riding Regiment

SCOTT John W Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons

STREETS Arthur Private Royal Engineers

STREETS Robert Ordinary Seaman HMS Vampire

SUGDEN Alfred L Private West Riding Regiment D Battery

SUGDEN Cecil Handel 2ndAir Mechanic Royal Flying Corps

SUGDEN Frank B Private 2ndField Ambulance

SUGDEN James Captain Royal Engineers

SUGDEN Maurice Private 9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

SUMMERSCALES Charles Private 6thDuke of Wellingtons 

SUMMERSCALES Edmund Sergeant 37 Division Royal Engineers

SUMMERSCALES Jack Sergeant Home Defence Corps 

SUMMERSCALES Tom QM Duke of Wellingtons Mentioned twice in despatches

SUMMERSCALES William Private 2/5 Yorkshire Regiment xxxx

SUTCLIFFE Sam Private MT Army Service Corps

SWALES Charles Gunner 311 Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery

SWINBURNE Herbert Sergeant Royal Field Ambulance

SYKES Charles Gunner Royal Field Artillery 

TATTERSALL Arthur Private 1/5 Duke of Wellingtons

TAYLOR William Private South Lancashire Regiment

TEMPEST Silas Private 6thBorder Regiment

THOMPSON Harry Private Royal Garrison Artillery

THOMSON John Private Duke of Wellingtons

THORMBER Frank Private D Batt. 311thArmy Brigade (should be THORNBER?)

THORNTON John Private School of Gunnery Tank Corps

THORNTON Tom Private Durham Light Infantry

THROUP Samuel QMS Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 

TIDSWELL Arthur Private East Lancashire Regiment

TILLOTSON Arthur 2ndLieutenant 80thLabour Corps

TILLOTSON Alfred Able Seaman HMS Pegasus

TILLOTSON Edwin OS Defensively Armed Merchant Shipalso HMS President RNVR

TILLOTSON Emmanuel Lance Corporal 21stWest Yorkshire Regiment

TILLOTSON Frank Private 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons

TILLOTSON Herbert Private Machine Gun Corps

TILLOTSON Joseph Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

TILLOTSON Karl Private Machine Gun Corps

TILLOTSON Osbert Able Seaman HMS Moon

TILLOTSON Sam Able Seaman HMS Southampton

TILLOTSON Sam Private Royal Army Medical Corps

TILLOTSON Thomas Private 135 Field Ambulance

TILLOTSON Thomas H Private Royal Flying Corps

TILLOTSON Walter Private 18thWest Yorkshire Regiment

TILLOTSON William Gunner Royal Horse & Field Artillery

TOWERS Harold Private 10thService Battery

TOWN Arthur C Private Worcesters

TOWN Arthur Private 3rdHampshire Regiment

TOWN Edward Private Durham Light Infantry

TOWN Ernest Private Durham Light Infantry

TOWN Herbert Private 51stSherwood Foresters

TOWN John Private 32ndRoyal Fusiliers

TOWN Wilfred Private 10thDuke of Wellingtons

TOWNSON Arthur Private Royal Engineers

TOWNSON Harry Able Seaman HMS Exmouth

TOWNSON JH Sapper Royal Engineers

TOWNSON Walter Private Royal Flying Corps

TOWNSON William D Private 1 Shipyard Company Fire Brigade

TUNNICLIFFE Joshua Private Royal Engineers

TURNER Edwin R Driver Ordnance Gun Park No. 5

TURNER Fred Lance Corporal 10thBatt. West Riding Regiment

TURNER Tom S Private Royal Engineers

TURTON Arthur Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

VARLEY John W Private West Yorkshire Pioneers

WADE Alfred Seaman HMS Anzac

WADE Duncan Private Royal Field Artillery

WADE Frank Private Machine Gun Transport

WADE Harry Private 236 Division Employment Company

WADE John H Private Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment

WADE John R Private Sanitary Section 85

WADE Percy Private Royal Garrison Artillery

WADE Tom Private 330thRCC Royal Engineers

WADE William T Seaman HMS Vivid

WAITE Joseph C Private Royal Field Artillery

WALKER Clifton Private No.1 Labour Company

WALKER G Irwin Private Tank Corps

WALKER James A Private 2/7 Worcestershire Regiment

WALKER Charles W Private Northumberland Fusiliers

WALTON James H Seaman HMS Meteor

WALTON Jeremiah 2ndLieutenant West Yorkshire Regiment 

WALTON Tom H Private Canadian ASC

WARD Alfred Private 1stNorthumberland Fusiliers

WASS James H Private 3rdWest Riding Regiment

WASS Thomas Edwin Private 5thWest Riding Regiment

WATERHOUSE Harry Private 5thBorder Regiment

WATSON Joshua Private 51stWest Riding Regiment

WATSON Fred Private 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons

WATSON Harry Private No. 1 Corps Household Batt.

WATSON Harry Private Army Service Corps

WEBSTER Isaac Private 12thManchesters

WETHERALL Charles Private Machine Gun Corps

WHEELHOUSE Fred Private 9thDuke of Wellingtons

WHITAKER Walter Private 3rdLeicester Regiment

WHITAKER Walter Private 3rdDuke of Wellingtons

WHITEOAK Allan B Private 2/2 Lancashire Hussars

WHITEOAK Charles Private 3rdYorkshire & Lancashire Regiment

WHITEOAK Frank Private 2/7 West Riding Regiment

WHITEOAK Tom F Private 2/3 County of London Yeomanry

WHITEOAK Harry B Private 1stDuke of Wellingtons

WHITTAKER William Private C Batt. 187 Brigade

WHITTINGHAM Herbert Private Royal Army Medical Corps

WILKINSON Arthur Ordinary Seaman HMS Caroline

WILKINSON Fred Corporal Royal Marine Artillery

WILKINSON Harry T Private East Yorkshire Regiment

WILKINSON Tom B Private Royal Field Artillery

WILLIAMSON Charlie Private West Yorkshire Regiment

WILLIAMSON Willie Private Royal Army Medical Corps

WILLIS Tuke Private Duke of Wellingtons

WILSON Alfred Driver Royal Field Artillery

WILSON Charles Private 52nd Labour Company

WILSON Ernest Private Army Service Corps

WILSON Ewart Lieutenant Royal Air Force

WILSON Jonathan Private Royal Garrison Artillery

WILSON Norman 2ndClass Air Mechanic Royal Air Force

WINDLE James E Private MT Army Service Corps 

WINSTANLEY John H MSCConductor Army Ordnance Corps 

WOOD Harold Private Duke of Wellingtons

WRENCH Walton John Private Grenadier Guards

WRENCH Walton Joseph Private Northumberland Fusiliers

WRIGGLESWORTH Walter G Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

WRIGHT Albert Private Pioneer Batt. West Yorkshire

YOUNG Wilfred Private 8thBatt. 1stGarrison East Yorkshire

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