Reminder – Next Steps on the Road Seminar – Coming to a venue near you in 2019!

We’ve really enjoyed meeting with you at fairs and other events during 2018. It’s obvious the family history community benefits greatly from the best efforts of so many like-minded, hard-working enthusiasts.

Meeting with you one-on-one is so inspirational, it’s quite obvious we need to get together more often. Of course, we tried doing this in September 2018 – only to find that, amongst other things, we had chosen the wrong weekend. Not an auspicious start, but we’ve learnt from your feedback.

So we’re going to try again, but rather than expecting everyone to come to a ‘one size fits all’ location in London, this time we’re going to come to you. Hence, we’re now calling the seminar, ‘Next Steps on the Road’. The clue is in the name – we hope you‘ll approve the concept!

Naturally, each Regional event will have a slightly different flavour, but at each you can expect:
Updates on FFHS goals
An opportunity to air your successes and … just as importantly …
Your experiences of what doesn’t work and why
Discussions about your ideas for the future and …
How you would like FFHS help make them a reality.
An opportunity to network and learn.

Plus, if you provide us with sufficient notice …
Specialised input on any variety of topics relevant to Family History Society management.

Currently we have plans for four locations:

Wesley’s Chapel, London on Saturday 23rd February

St Wilfred’s Chapel, Harrogate on Saturday 2nd March
Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster on Saturday 23rd March

Huntingdon and Peterborough WI, Huntingdon Saturday 30th March

We would love to see as many of you as possible attend, but don’t worry unduly if you can’t make it this time around. Why? Because if all goes well, we plan to add further venues later in the year. Something urgent you want to discuss? Come and talk with us at Alexandra Palace 26th-27th April during Family Tree Live. We are really looking forward to hearing your ideas, success stories and working with you more closely in the future.