Ingrow War Memorial

Ingrow’s war memorial is located within the grounds of St John’s Parish Church, Ingrow.  The church is situated at the intersection of Ingrow Lane and Halifax Road.

Listed alongside the pictures are the names of those inscribed.  Where a link exists it will lead to further information about the individual.

Anyone who may be able to provide further information is invited to contact the Web Manager.

Alan Clough

Ships officer
Jack Costling

Frank Thompson
Ernest Wakeling

Lance Sergeant
Harry Anderson
Cecil Rhodes M.M.

William Mitchell
George Naylor
George Page M.M.

William Calvert
C.W. Surr D.C.M.

Henry Hunt

Lance Corporal
Harold Doughty
James Harrison
David Murgatroyd
Herbert Nickolson
Frank Treen
Norman Wright
James Walker

Herbert Feather
William Long
Percy Swift

Fred Pawson
Lawrence Wood

James R. Addyman
Percy N. Addyman
Cecil Binner
Herbert Bottomley
Thomas R. Barwick
Harry Brooke
Percy Brunditt
Maurice Buckley
Ernest Carter
John Clarke
Arthur Clement
Smith Clayton
Tom Cowperthwaite
Edward Davis
John W. Davis
Cifford Dodson
Samuel Dray
Ernest Drake
Arthur Everton
H. E. Elliott
Ernest Feather
Willie Feather
Robert Fossey
William Foster
Wilfred Foster
Fred Grange
John W. Greenwood
George Hainsworth
Christopher Harker
Harold Hill
Duke Hollingsworth
Arthur Holmes
Harold Holmes
John H. Hitch
Clifford Isherwood
Arthur F. Jarman
Walter Jeffrey
Herbert Johnson
William H. Lambert
Albert Lund
William Mather
Joseph E. Midgley
Herbert Mitchell
Fred Moore
Frank A. Murray
Bertie Nock
Harold Normington
William H. Newton
Ernest Newell
Clifford Owlett
Arthur Peel
Tom Peel
William Petty
Edgar Pullen
Gibson Raine
Douglas Rhodes
J.W. Albone
V. Bailey
T. Baker
F. Burgess
B.J. Caulfield
P. Crossley
J. Clapperton
J. Cowton
K.J. Crouch
H. Dawson
Fairfax Dean
Harry Dewhirst
Henry Dewhirst
D. Dovernor
J.W. Downs
S. Durkin
Percy L. Gee
Ernest Gent
R. Gillin
Squire Grainger
A. Grindrod
J.T. Halligan
Eileen Hickling
Ernest Hey
Fred Hobson
N.H. Hodson
F. Human
Albert Hurd
C. Leathem
A. Little
Cyril Lund
C.H. Nicholson
J.T. O’hara
J.W. Orton
H. Peaceful
W. Pickering
A. Pinchbeck
J.A. Pittock
A.E. Potter
F. Scattergood
H. Selby
D.D. Smith
Walter Smith
R.H. Tedder
Joyce Tedder
J.W. Thorpe
H. Unsworth
Eric Wade B.E.M.
B. Whitaker
Raymond Wilson

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