Ingleton War Memorial

Photographs by Shirley Phillip

In memory of the 41 men of this parish who gave up their lives for their country 
and freedom in the war of 1914 – 1919 (sic)

In memory of the men of Ingleton 
who died in the two world wars
1914 – 1918

Askew E.
Bolton W. H.
Bradford J.C.
Brookes R.B.
Clapham J.
Coulson P.
Creed B.H.
Dawson E.C.
Fletcher J.
Fletcher P.
Grant C.
Heaps T.
Hilton A.
Hodgson W.A.
Kettlewell J.
Kirk G.
Marklew W.
Mathams L.
McLaughlin A.
Metcalf J.
Metcalf W.M.
Newsholme C.
Noble A.
Redhead L.
Robinson E.
Robinson J.W.
Robinson R.
Routledge H.D.
Routledge T.K.
Saul J.
Schofield J.
Scholey G.A.
Sherwin A.
Slinger V.
Tomlinson G.
Wadeson G.W.
Walling E.
Walker R.E.
Wignal H.
Wilson W.H.
Woodhouse J.

1939 – 1945
Beresford E.T.
Chippendale G.
Howson J.
Horne W.
Hunt W.
Redhead C.
Tomlinson S.

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