Oakworth War Memorial

The Oakworth War memorials are located within the grounds of the Oakworth crematorium.

The names of those on the memorials are listed below, where a link exists it will lead you to further information.

I would like to acknowledge Andy Wade and the Men of Worth web site for much of this information.

Edwin Andrews
John T. Alderson
Louis Brown
Arthur Brown
Milford Brown
Ernest Bryam
Clifford Baxandall
Ellis Butterfield
Smith Clayton
George H. Docksey – Missing, March 21st, 1918
Alfred Denison
John Earnshaw
Laban Feather
Allan Green
Percy Hollings
Craven Harling
Robert Hodgson
Herbert Heaton
Arthur Lund
Fred Moore
Herbert Moore

Joseph T. Midgley
Frank Midgley
George Page
Wm H. Priestly – Killed, October 19th, 1917
Norman Powell
Allan Pickles
Harry Pickles
Fred Peverley – Killed, April 19th, 1918
William Roe
Albert Reddihough
Oswald Smith
Cecil W. Smith
Arthur Smith
Walter Smith
Arthur Sugden
John P. Sugden – Killed, August 8/9th, 1917
Luther Sunderland – Died, November 11th, 1915
Binns Wilkinson
Luther Wilkinson – Died, March 16th, 1916
James Whitaker – Missing, April 24th, 1918
Norman Walbank
Lawrence Wood