Members who joined the Forces

Allen Lt J. West Riding Regt

Armitage Sgt H. West Yorks

Barker L Cpl G. M.G.C.

Barker Lt F. R.F.A.

Belsin Lt R. West Yorks

Booth Capt A.E. Indian army

Booth Capt G.L. West Yorks

Boston Sec Lt R.  R.H.A.

Boston Lt E.  R.G.A.

Bottomley Capt D. A.S.C.

Bottomley Sgt N. R.F.A.

Briggs Pte C. London Scottish

Briggs Cpl J.  R.F.A.

Chadwick Sec Lt C. West Yorks

Cobb Lt M.D.  A.I.P.

Cobb Sgt G.  R.A.M.C.

Cordingley RSM A. R.A.M.C.

Flesher Capt H.  R.E.

Fletcher Dvr F. R.F.A.

Fletcher Pte J. R.A.M.C.

Frape Staff Sgt H. Gym staff

Garnett AM  I.P.  R.A.F.

Gledhill Lt M.  R.A.F.

Green Sgt R. West Yorks

Hellewell Pte J. R.A.M.C.

Hellewell Cpl G. R.A.F.

I……… Bmd J. R.G.A.

Lawton Capt H. West Yorks

Lion Major H.  A.S.C.

Lillin Pte R. West Yorks

Lindley CQMS  F.  A.S.C.

Lindley Lt  London Regt

Miller Lt J.W. York & Lancs

Mills Shoeingsmith W. Yorks

Mosley Lt P. West Yorks

Mould Bmd J.  R.F.A.

Nevitt Capt G. West Yorks

Rawlins Capt C.B. R.F.A.

Richardson Sec Lt A.V. West Riding Regt

Robinson Lt M. West Yorks

Shaw Lt R. Argyle & Scotland H.

Sheard Lt W.H. Welsh Regt

Simpson Capt J. A.S.C.

Spink A.M.  I.W.H. R.A.F.

Thompson Lt G.  R.E.

Westmoreland Sap G. R.E.

Whitworth Sgt C. M.G.C.

Wickman Capt B.I. West Yk

Wilson Sgt Jack Canadians

Wood Cpl E.A.  R.F.A.

The Fallen

Barrand S.

Benton G.

Benton J.

Briggs R.C.

Briggs O.

Brook C.

Flesher A.

Hartley T.

Lillie F.

McMullen L.N.

Mellor A.

Nevittb G.

Rayner H.

Wilcher H.


Booth Capt G.I.  7 West Yorks M.C.

Fletcher Capt H. R.E.  M.C.

Lawton Capt H. West Yorks.M.C.

Rawlins Lt C.B. R.F.A.  M.C.

Skipton RUFC

Members who joined the Forces

Anslow W.

Armstrong W.

Bateman Major 1/6 West Riding

Bell Pte W.  R.A.S.C. (M.T.)

Bishop L Cpl W.E. 2/7 Bfa Wh

Bishop Steve

Borrison R.

Broughton T.

Butler C.F.

Carson T.

Chapman J.

Chapman T.

Clark Pte A. 1/8 West Riding

Clark C.Q.M.5 Art 1/8 W.R.

Clark Cpl T. 3 West Riding

Cumberland C.Q.M.5 1/6 W.R.

Curl C.

Darnbrook S.

Duckett Sec Lt R. West Yorks

Fields Sgt P. 1/6 West Riding

Fletcher W.

Friend Pte E. 1/6 West Riding

Gallagher F.

Gemmel Pte C. 25 D.L.I.

Gill F.

Graham J.

Green A.

Hewitt E.

Holmes Pte F. 1/6 West Riding

Horne Sig C. West Yorks

Horner C.S.M.  G.H. 1/6 West R.

Jennings W.

Lambert Sgt A. 1/6 West Riding

Lawson W.

Macefield P.

McIntyre J.

Metcalf A.

Mooney Sec Lt S. 1/6 West Rdg

Mooney Pte T. 1/6 West Riding

Morgan T.

Russell D.

Russell J.W.

Slingsby Lt P. R.A.S.C.

Soulsby H.I.

Smith H.

Stephenson Cpl P. 1/6 West Rd

Thornton P.

Thwaites C.

Tindall Cpl T.  K.R.R.

Tindall H.

Turner Pte R. 1/6 West Riding

Walker W.

Webster Sgt J. 1/6 West Riding

Wellock Pte W. Royal Scots

Whitaker K.

Willan J.

Winder Sec Lt M. 7 D.L.I.

The Fallen

Armstrong W.

Bishop S.

Broughton T.

Butler C.C.

Carson T.

Chapman J.

Fletcher W.

Gallagher F.

Gill F.

Jennings W.

Macefield P.

McIntyre J.

Russell J.W.

Russell D.

Thornton F.

Tindall H.

Whitaker R.

Willan J.


Bateman Major D.S.O.

Clark C.Q.M.S. Arthur Croix de Guerre M.S.M.

Duckett Sec Lt R. M.C.

Fields Sgt P. M.M.  M.S.M.

Horner C.S.M.  G.H. mentioned in despatches

Lambert Sgt A.  M.M.

Webster Sgt J.  M.M.

Winder Sec Lt M.  M.C.

Skipton Grammar School RUFC

Members who joined the Forces

Ashton R. wireless oper R.N.

Binns A.

Butler Sec Lt C.F. R.F.A.

Caw Pte H.F.  1 High Cyc Batt

Chapman A.S. Inns Court O.T.C.

Dickey Sec Lt J.P.Y. 10 L.I.

Driver L Cpl R.O. Training Rs

Feenney Sgt R. Leicester Regt

Foulds J.

Garside Sec Lt B. West Riding

Hanson L Cpl T.H. West Yks

Jowett Sec Lt P.  8 West Yks

Lawson Cpl W.  6 West Riding

Moore Pte R.  6 West Riding

Pickles Sig R.H.

Rodwell Sec Lt W.A. 20 D.L.T.

Rogers W.A.

Rushforth Cdt C.H.F. R.A.F.

Slane T.S. stretcher bearer R.N.S.B.R.

Smallpage T/A M.N.R. R.A.F.

Stansfield Pte V. Training Res

Sugden Pte H. Training Res

Thomson Cdt J.  R.A.F.

Tindall Rln H. K.R.R.

Tindall Rln G.F. K.R.R.

Townsend Sec Lt I.C. R.A.F.

Walker Seaman R.  R.N.

Whalley Pte W. Leicester Regt

Wilson Lt I.  R.A.F.

Woodward Pte H. Liverpool Bt

The Fallen

Butler C.F.

Caw H.F.

Rodwell W.A.

Sugden H.

Tindall H.


Jowett P.  M.C.

Otley RUFC

Members who joined the Forces

Atkinson Dvr W. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Barker Capt N.  M.E.

Barker Sgt S.  H.E.

Barker Lt F. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Barrett L Cpl V.  R.E.

Bartle Pte J.A.L. North Lanc

Booth Pte H.  R.A.M.C.

Brotherton Capt W. East Yorks

Brotherton Sgt T. W.R.  H.F.A.

Brown Capt A. West Yorks

Brown Cpl H.  H.S.C.

Brown Pte K. West Riding

Brumfitt Pte H. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Brumfitt Pte K. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Catenn Bd G. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Crowe Bd G. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Crowe Sgt S.E. R.A.M.C.

Crowe Sec Lt I.K. West Yorks

Darnborough Bd H. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Duncan Lt Col 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Duncan Major H.S. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Duncan Capt H. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Elliot Staff Sgt D.A. R.G.A.

Geenty Air Mech J. R.A.F.

Halstead Pte F. 49 Gordon H

Hellewell Sec Lt S. West Yk

Holgate Gnr H. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Holgate Gnr T. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Hymas Cpl F. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

James Dvr J. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Kidd Major V. West Riding

Lambert Pte G. East Yorks

Lawson Cpl J. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Lockwood Sec Lt A. R.G.A.

Mason Lt D.C. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Mason Pte B. 4 West Riding

Moxon A.B. Seaman T. R.N.

Norfolk Pte E. 4 West Rdg

Othic Sgt W. West Riding

Preston Pte W. West Rdg

Ralph Sec Lt H.  R.C.

Robinson Sgt J. West Riding

Stevenson Staff Sgt H.F. 245 Brigade R.F.A.

Todd Bd H. 4 W.R.  R.F.A.

Towns Lt

Walker Cdt J. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Walker Pte H. R.A.M.C.

Warburton Petty Off H. R.N.

Wilkinson Air Mech E. R.A.F.

Wilkin Bd J. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Winterburn Lt J. R.G.A.

Wise Sgt A. 245 Brigade R.F.A.

Wright Axxx H. R.N.A.S.

The Fallen

Elliot Staff Sgt D.A. R.G.A.

Hymas Cpl F. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Kidd Major V. West Riding

Lockwood Sec Lt A. R.G.A.

Preston Pte W. West Rdg

Stevenson Staff Sgt H.F. 245 Brigade R.F.A.

Todd Bd H. 4 W.R. R.F.A.

Wise Sgt A. 245 Brigade R.F.A.


Barker Capt N.  O.B.E.

Brotherton Sgt T. twice mentioned in despatches

Crowe Bd G.  M.M.

Duncan Lt Col D.S.O. and two bars

Duncan Major H.S. M.C.

Othic Sgt W. Crois de Guerre M.M. 1914 star

Wise Sgt A.  M.M.

Ilkley Grammar School RUC

Members who joined the Forces

Akkroyd wire-oper G.M. Mercantile Marine

Atkinson Lt J.C. R.E.

Bartle Pte J.A.L. North Lanc

Box Lt C.A.  R.A.F.

Box Cdt A.D.  R.A.F.

Breffit Pte S.S. Canadians

Brownlow Capt G.F.S. Manch

Burns Sec Lt J.F. M.M.G.C.

Campbell seaman W. R.N.

Cawdry Sub Lt C.J. R.N.

Corby Staff Capt W.M. R.G.A.

Cornwell Pte E.H. North Staffs

Dove Gnr F.R.  R.F.A.

Evans Lt W.A.  R.A.F.

Geenty Pte J.  R.A.F.

Gledhill Lt A.D. R.A.F.

Graham Lt H.  R.A.F.

Hardaker C.

Hewitt Pte R. Leicester Regt

Hope Cdt E.C. Canadian R.A.F.

Houseman Pte H. K.O.Y.L.I.

Hughes Lt J.  R.A.F.

Johnson Cpl J.A. West Riding

Labatt Sec Lt W.H.E. R.A.F.

Lickfold Lt E.R. R.A.F.

Lupton Lt G.V.  A.S.C.

Major midshipman S.E. R.N.

Moisley Pte H. Devon Regt

Moxon Pte A. Royal Marines

Moxon seaman T.  R.N.

Moxon Lt P.  R.F.A.

Musgrave K.W. Leeds O.T.C.

Parratt Cpl H.S. Leicester Regt

Russell Pte C.L. A.S.C.

Sellers Gnr G.  H.A.C.

Smith Pte H.  D.L.I.

Sykes Lt E.  R.A.F.

Todd Sec Lt N.S.  R.A.F.

Tunnicliffe Lt W.A.M. R.G.A.

Tweed Cdt A.R.M. Camb Uni O.T.C.

Wilkinson Pte B.I. A.S.C.

White Lt J.W.  R.A.F.


Atkinson Lt J.C.  M.C.

Burns Sec Lt J.F. M.C.

Corby Staff Capt W.M. M.C.